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Available in multiple languages, we provide dynamically updated news packages and solutions for web, mobile, digital signage and other applications. Articles come ready-to-publish, complete with pictures and video when possible.

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Whatever the news agenda, whatever your focus, MMCNews gives you access to the quality multimedia content you need, when you need it.

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Driven by the demands of modern-day publishing, we provide a faster, more intelligent way of sourcing the news you need – a single destination for all your content requirements.

MMCNews has almost 20 years of experience in news gathering, photography and videography

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Since 1999, we have experimented, invented, and created content and news solutions to become the world’s leading international news agency. Always at the forefront of real-time breaking news and high-impact global multimedia content, we are constantly innovating our products and services to meet your business needs.
Whether we are serving broadcasters, publishers, brands, agencies, or direct to consumers, MMCNews provides award-winning coverage of the day’s most important topics, including: business, finance, politics, sports, entertainment, technology, health, environment, and much more.

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